Food Processing Industries & Horticulture

Schemes/Services offered by the Department/ Section Major Achievement for the F.Y: 2021-22 Major Achievement for the F.Y: 2022-23
Green House (Bamboo structure)   82100 sq.m.
Shade Net House (Bamboo structure)   3000 sq.m.
Cultivation of high value vegetables grown in poly house/shade net house   85100 sq.m.
Pack house 2 nos. 1 no.
Low cost onion storage structure 1 nos. 1 no.
Power tiller (8 BHP & above) 2 nos. 3 nos.
Establishment of small mushroom production units (50 ft ×20 ft=1000 sq ft.)   15nos.
Establishment of vermicompost unit 11 units 26 units
Capacity Building & Human resource development in West Bengal (Farmer’s training programme)   7 nos.
Area expansion of hybrid vegetables 75 Ha 100Ha
Distribution of planting materials of fruit plants under area expansion of perennial and non-perennial fruits 481043 nos. planting material of fruit plants distributed 424089 nos. planting material of fruit plants distributed
District seminar, mela etc   4 nos.Mela
Cultivation of kharif/Late Kharif onion through distribution of onion seeds   212 kg seeds distributed for Cultivation of Late kharif onion

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