Schemes/ Services offered by the Department/Section:

  • Sufal Bangla Project: The Project was introduced in Sept., 2014 with the objective of this project is to ensure rational share of producer in the consumer’s price by procuring agricultural commodities directly from the farmers and subsequent sell to the consumers. .The project specially aims at promotionand marketing of localized commoditieswith traditional.
  • Amar Fasal Amar Gola: Providing assistance to the small and marginal farmers, farmers’ interest groups, self help groups towards construction of Community, Traditional & Onion Storage structures having subsidy amount of Rs. 39,133/-, Rs. 6,336/- and Rs. 71,838/- respectively for storing food grains and onions at farm level towards preventing post harvest loss as well as enhancing farm level value addition.
  • Amar Dhan Amar Chatal: Assistance is provided at farm family level for construction of paddy processing yards and traditional storage structure having subsidy amount of Rs.21,714/- under BGREI, a sub scheme of RKVY towards preventing post harvest loss through drying of paddy and other grains. Remarkable achievement could be made in the field of price stability of major crops with negligible uproar amongst the rural farmers.
  • Amar Fasal Amar Gari: Towards minimising post harvest loss and facilitating transportation of agricultural produces from farm to market, assistance is provided to the small and marginal farmers, farmers’ interest groups, self help groups for purchasing one vending cart having subsidy amount of Rs. 10,000/-. Under this scheme, 31,215 nos. of farmers have been benefitted so far.
  • Supervision of Cold Storages & Warehouses: Successful implementation of the West Bengal Cold Storage (Licensing & Regulation) Act, 1966 and Rules, 1967 to manage the business of storing of potato in licensed cold storages   towards safe keeping of harvested potato and ensuring remunerative price to th farmers as well as price stabilization throughout the year. Enforcement of the West Bengal Warehouses Act, 1963 and Rules made there under 1967 for proper supervision and control of licensed warehouses and other regulatory measures.
  • Market Supervision and monitoring of growers’ and consumers’ price: i) Ensuring remunerative price to the unorganised farmers and providing the agricultural produce to the consumers at a reasonable price through market monitoring and intervention. Farmers of the West Bengal as well as consumers are made aware of the major important domestic and national markets and the prices prevailing there through 02 (two) nos of Agmark Nodes in Alipurduar District which are Falakata and Alipurduar Market as well. ii) Submission of price report for tender purpose to the different Governments. Departments namely, Child Development & Social Welfare, Health & Family Welfare,Vagrancy, Home and Agriculture Department,Supply depot of Hasimara & Binnaguri Camp ,Alipurduar District Correctinal Homes & NAFED for procurement purpose and SUFAL BANGLA for price discovery.
  • Processing & Preservation of fruits & Vegetables: Providing training to equip the SHG, FPO, FIG & individuals from farm families by different training programme to reduce post harvest loss and value addition of fruits and vegetables. i) Block level Training with special emphasis on awareness of food adulteration, nutrition and involvement of supply chain in processed food (ii) Advance level Trainings with Special Emphasis on Development of Entrepreneurship. Production and sale of processed products like Jam, Jelly, Sauce, Pickle, Squash manufactured in the production centres are supplied to different fairs  and the outlets of the SUFAL BANGLA thus making quality food products available to end consumers.
  • Jute Grading Training: Imparting trainings to jute growers of the major jute producing Blocks for developing knowledge regarding retting & grading of jute fibre in order to improve quality of their jute and ensuring remunerative price.

Major Achievement for the F.Y: 2021- 22 & 2022-23(Schemes/ Services ):

  • Sufal Bangla Project: Currently we have 01(one ) Static Outlet at Alipurduar Collectorate Premises.Different Mobile outlets have been formed every year regarding subsidy sale & seasonal festivals. Two new sufal Bangla static outlets are going to be opened at Falakata & Alipurduar-I Block in Alipurduar District.
  • Amar Fasal Amar Gola:  In the Financial Year 2021-22 we have successfully achieved the target for proving subsidy to the beneficiaries of different blocks in Alipurduar District by building  29 units of CSS(Community Storage Structure).In this financial year(F.Y-2022-23) we have the target of giving subsidy for the establishment of  43 units of CSS which are already in progress.
  • Amar Dhan Amar Chatal: The proposed scheme is not received in this district during the financial year 2021-22 & 2022-23 rspectively.
  • Amar Fasal Amar Gari: The proposed scheme is not received in this district during the financial year 2021-22 & 2022-23 rspectively.
  • Supervision of Cold Storages & Warehouses: Till the financial year 2021-22 there was a total of 11 nos. of cold storages with capacity of 1766780 MT , in financial year 2022-23 we have acomplished 12 nos of functioning cold storages with capacity of 1982991.47 MT and along with these we received proposals for the construction of two new cold storages  as well as some cold storage’s applications for chamber extensions to pull off the optimum storage capacity in the Alipurduar District.
  • Market Supervision and monitoring of growers’ and consumers’ price: We collect rates of all important fruits and vegetables along with all edible groceries and etc & provide rates to the different government offices as per their requirement.Presenly we have two(02) AGMRK Nodes in Alipurduar District viz Falakata & Alipurduar Market respectively and Upload the data on daily basis to the AGMARKNET website under the Directorate of Marketing & Inspection,Department of  Agriculture cooperation & Farmers Welfare,Govt. of India As well as we Monitorize the performance & rate of various agricultural commodities.
  • Processing & Preservation of fruits & Vegetables: During the financial year 2021 – 22, 02 (two) Block Level Traning Programes were conducted in the Madarihat and Alipurduar-II blocks respectively with 30 nos of trainees in each programme. The proposed scheme is not received in this district during the financial year 2022-23.
  • Jute Grading Training: During the financial year 2021-22, 01 (one) Jute Grading Traning Programe was conducted with 25 nos of trainees in the programme. The proposed scheme is not received in this district during the financial year 2022-23.