About District

Alipurduar district has been carved out from Jalpaiguri on 25th June, 2014 as the 20th district in the state of West Bengal, India. It consists of Alipurduar municipality and six community development blocks viz Madarihat–Birpara, Alipurduar–I, Alipurduar–II, Falakata, Kalchini and Kumargram. There are 66 gram panchayats and nine census towns in six blocks. The district has its headquarters at Alipurduar. It comprises mainly of a rural population. More than 80 per cent of its total population belong to SC/ST community. It is the hometown of various ethnic tribes like Rajbanshi, Rabha, Metch, Santhals, Madasia, Bodo and Toto & Oraons which makes the place more labyrinths.

Geographically Alipurduar is a land locked district bordered by Jalpaiguri in the west, Assam in the east and Coochbihar in the south. In the north the district shares an international border line with Bhutan. The topography of the land is cut across by rivers, streams and hills, and covered with tea gardens and forests. Major rivers that runs across the district are the Torsa, Raidak, Kaljani, Sankosh and Gadadhar.