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Touzi Section

Touzi Section is one of the oldest Section in the Collectorate. State of West Bengal allowed different Tea Companies to retain thousands acres of land on lease basis for a period of 30 years subject to payment of Salami and Land revenue as per provision of section 6 (3) of the west Bengal Estate Acquisition Act, 1953 for running their Tea Garden, Tea Factory and Tea Business. Touzi Section deals with all those lease matters of Govt. khas land comprised in Tea Estate.

The following works are being looked after by the Touzi Section:-

    1. Execusion of Long Term Lease regarding Khas land comprised in different Tea Estates.

    2. The matter of renewal of lease of Tea garden.

    3. To collect Salami, Rent & cessess of Tea gardens and fine also if any, imposed by the collector.

    In Alipurduar District there are Sixty four (64) Tea Gardens, most of which are located in the lap of mountain and located besides River like Rydak, Toorsha, Dima, Kaljani, Nonai, Jainti, Sankosh. Some of the Tea Gardens are contiguous to Forests like Jaldapara, Chilapata, Hasimara, Rajabhat Khawa, Jainti etc. Besides plantation of Tea, these Gardens attract the Tourist every monsoon because of their natural beauty. The list of Tea Gardens in Alipurduar District is given in Annexure-I.