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Minority Affairs



inority means a community based on religion such as Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Zoroastrian, Jain as per section 1(C) of Minorities Act’1995.

Out of 06(six) blocks of Alipurduar district two blocks have been identified as minority blocks namely Kalchini with 30% minority population under MSDP and Madarihat-Birpara with 24% Minority population under IMDP.

Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department is committed to the accelerated development of religious and linguistic minorities of West Bengal with a view to uplifting their Socio-economic and Educational Status, thereby ensuring them to preserve secular traditions of West Bengal and to promote national integration.

VISION:- Empowering the minority communities and creating an enabling environment for strengthening the multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-religious character of our nation.

MISSION :- To improve the socio-economic conditions of the minority communities through affirmative action and inclusive development so that every citizen has equal opportunity to participate actively in building a vibrant nation. To facilitate an equitable share for minority communities in education, employment, economic activities and to ensure their upliftment.




1) Pre-metric Scholarship :- Scholarships are given to Minority students for pursuing studies from class I to X ranging from Rs. 1000/- to Rs.10,700/- per year. Applications are to be submitted online through National Scholarship Portal 2.0 from June/July to November every year. Family income upto 1 lakhs.     

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2) Post Metric Scholarship :- Students who study from class XI to Post Graduate level are eligible as per criteria. Application time June/July to September/October in NSP Portal. Rs. 2300/- & Rs.3800/-, Rs.3000/- & & Rs.5700/- are given for different classes as scholarships. Annual family income upto 2 lakhs.     

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3) Post Metric Stipend ( under TSP) :- Students who are resident of West Bengal and have passed their last final examination obtaining below 50% marks from class XI to Ph.D., yearly family income upto 2 lakhs.     

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4) Merit cum Means Scholarship :- Scholarship upto Rs. 30,000/- per year per student is given for pursuing professional/technical courses at graduate and post graduate level. Online application in June/July every year.     


5) Education Loan :- Maximum 20 lakh for pursuing professional courses like Medical, Engineering, Management, Nursing, Law etc. Online application time July/August every year through     

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6) Incentive to poor girl students of class IX to XII :- Poor girl students who are studying in high/higher madrasahs from class IX to XII are given RS. 1200/- per annum as incentives.     


7) School dress to poor girls students of MSKs reading in class V to VIII :- Rs. 6,70,747/- allocated amount was fully utilised for distribution of school dresses to 1587 nos. poor girl students in Alipurduar district @ Rs. 400/- for every girl child.     


8) Purchase of equipment and furniture for improvement of High Madrasah:- Sanctioned amount of 2 lakh for the year 2014-15 was utilised by 04(four) high Madrasahs. For the financial year 2015-16 an amount of 3 lakh has been sanctioned in Alipurduar district which has been fully utilised.


9) Improvement of Science laboratories: - Amount of Rs. 1 lakh was released to BDO for purchase of Science equipments to High Madrasah in Alipurduar District.     


10) Improvement of Libraries and reading room :- Approximately an amount of Rs. 11,780/- is sanctioned to each High Madrasah for improvement of libraries and reading room etc. in every year in Alipurduar district.