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BCW & Tribal Development


Service Name: - Issuing SC/ST/OBC certificate (Online)


Step- 1. Applicants should apply for caste Certificate through the website

Step- 2.Then hard copy of the application and supporting papers to be submitted in the B.D.O Office (gram panchayet areas) / S.D.O. Office (for municipality area).

Step- 3.On receiving of the hard copy of application along with relevant documents which be verified/enquire and be heard the applicant before uploading the application in website.

Step- 4. Uploaded & duly forwarded applications are verified & checked in the office of the S.D.O. Alipurduar. Certificates are issued against approved cases and certificates are forwarded to the concerned Block offices.


Service Name: - Categorization of OBC Certificate


Step- 1. Non- Categorized manually issued O.B.C. certificate requires for categorization. The applicant should apply to the S.D.O. for categorization.

Step- 2.Applicant’s parents Annual Income will be re-enquired.

Step- 3. Categorized O.B.C. certificate will be issued to the applicant if eligible.


Service Name: - Issuance of duplicate certificate


Step- 1. In case of lost original certificate or damaged or for any kind of mistake necessary correction are done from this office.

Step- 2. The applicant should apply to the S.D.O. for duplicate certificate or correction etc. Regarding lost case the applicant should enclose (a) original F.I.R. copy, (b) court fee Rs.5.00 (rupees five only) for Service Charge, (c) supporting documents and (d) 2 copy passport size photo.


Service Name: - verification of caste certificate/ Confirmation of genuineness


Step- 1. Verification reports are sent regarding genuineness of certificates relating to Appointment in any Govt. offices or Private Offices, or Admission to any Educational Institutions.


Service Name: - Supply of R.T.I. Information


Step- 1. R.T.I. information is supplied as prayed/ asked by the petitioners in accordance with R.T.I. Act. 2005 & the Rules.