Expressions of interest for annual leasing out both side streetlight poles at N.S. Road Jaigaon

Memo no-1597/PO CUM DWO/BCWA dated 07.03.2018

Memo no-1596/PO CUM DWO/BCWA dated 07.03.2018

Memo no-1595/PO CUM DWO/BCWA dated 07.03.2018

NIQ No. 14/NZT/17-18 Date: 07.03.2018

Memo: 93/XIX-SSM/19/U-DISE-30 dated 05.03.2018

NIQ 534/XXIV-DCPU/XIV/16/17-18 dated 27.02.2018

Notice Inviting e-Tender of Jaigaon Development Authority dated 26.02.2018

Memo No. Elec/41 dated 21.02.2018

Memo No. XXVI-Health/07/COTPA-25/19(5)/2018

Notice inviting e-Auction for grant of Mining Lease for River bed materials

Memo No. 1407/MGNREGA

Memo no- 1473/PO CUM DWO/BCWA

Corrigendum Notice dated 29.01.2018

Memo No 34/HS/G dated 03.01.2018

Memo No 354(9)APD/MA/17 dated 26.12.2017

Memo No CON/Food/359/17 dated 18.12.2017

Memo no: 339/XXI-MDM/1/7/17 dated 15.12.2017

N.I.Q. No 9/2017-18 dated 13.12.2017

N.I.Q. No Elec/167/17 dated 11.12.2017

N.I.Q. No 01 of 2017-18 dated 08.12.2017

N.I.Q. No 8 dated 24.11.2017

Memo No 1979/HS/G dated 20.11.2017

Memo No 365/SHG & SE/XIX/16 dated 09.11.2017